Friday, October 26, 2012

A lot of things can change in just 7 or 8 months...

I was looking at the date from my last post... March 19th.  Being a numbers gal, that date meant one thing to me.  It was exactly 3 days before I found out that "we" are having another baby.  Yes, you read that right.  I am pregnant.  VERY pregnant!  (more details on that in a moment)  How is it that I have completely neglected to blog the end of last school year........ anything in summer....... beginning of this school year..... AND an ENTIRE pregnancy?!???  Wow.  If I thought I was bad at blogging before.......... (insert sheepish smile here)

end of last school year recap: 
Dom completed his first year of Jr High and found out that the "high school prep" years are harder than he had imagined.  He had learned a lot of valuable lessons by the end of May. Growing up is hard!  Gabe finished his official elementary education and was excited nervous to put it all behind him.  He knew that more homework and more hours in the gym were waiting to make him their victim.  Soleil wasn't in school, but thinks she has homework if she is carrying a piece of paper (or notepad) with a pen.  She actually might be the smartest one in our family.

summer recap:
The boys got to enjoy a week long trip in Oregon to see half of the family. (mostly Grammy and cousins.)  This was the second year they got to experience this and I know the much anticipated trip did NOT disappoint!  We took our annual "Summer Family Reunion" trip and met up with the Taylors @ Bear Lake in July.  It was HOT.  Then not as hot, but still hot.  (how is that for a 19/20 weeks pregnant woman's assessment)  We always have a good time over eating and under sleeping. :)  I even bought, and wore, my first maternity swimsuit.  I bet you're so sad you missed the evidence. Jared got to take his annual bromance trip in August.  After some major cluster-you-know-whats with planning... they ended up camping in the Sisters area for a few days.  Without showers.  Pew.  The rest of the summer was filled with daily activities and a TON of air conditioning.  Thank goodness for central air!

beginning of school year:
Dom is now a Freshman. Yes, I know.  How is this kid so OLD?!  He is starting to see that friendships fade.... opinions change..... and it is ultra difficult to remain consistent in character while trying to keep up with the balancing act of 9th grade curriculum and extra curricular activities.  Let's raise our beverages to his efforts. CLINK! Gabe started Middle School and is doing quite well keeping up with the demands of his schedule.  Tons of homework and gym 5 nights a week.  He doesn't really have free time, but loves it.  Realizing that Soleil would miss the Kinder deadline in a couple years... we opted to not put her in PreSchool just yet.  No kid could benefit from THREE years of preschool.  She already recites the alphabet, is learning how to write her name (and doing pretty well!), has about 3 dozen books memorized, and probably 2 dozen songs, on key, ready to sing at any given prompting.  If she feels like it.  She is 3 going on 8... easily.

We are pregnant! (and more information than you asked for)
First, let me just make it known that I can't stand that phrase.  I will tell anyone who will listen, and even those that won't, that I hate that phrase.  "We" are not pregnant.  I am pregnant.  Why do women say that?  We are expecting another addition to the family. Accurate. We are excited for our baby. Accurate.  But "we" are not having a baby.  I am having the baby.  Jared made his contribution at the beginning and the rest was/is up to my body.  :)  If I had a dollar for all of those times I've/we've heard.... "I thought you were done?!"  and  "Was this planned???!"  For the official record:  Yes, I was done.  And yes it was planned. (one surprise was enough for me) I was done before ever having children!  Ok, maybe for sure after Dom.  And then for SURE after Gabe!  But being an empty nester in my late 20s didn't bode well for me.  It wasn't time to be done.  I knew it, but was afraid to start all over.  (and it's not like Jared was complaining that I wasn't nagging him to have more kids).  But then we started talking.... and somehow agreed that neither of us was ok with being "done."  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a Soleil in a preemie carriage!  Deep down I always had a feeling she would "need a playmate"... but conveniently suppressed those feelings.  Jared made it known on several occasions that he wanted another.  I was stuck.  I AM THE ONE THAT HAS TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN!  Hmmm.  Let's just say if it didn't happen as easily and quickly as it did.... I would have second guessed the idea. Soooo..... I am 35/36 weeks pregnant with #4.  Another baby girl.  We can't agree on the mile-long list of names, but are hoping that it'll be another french-derived one.  Adding someone to the family seems more surreal now than ever before.  How did this happen?!  Rhetorical question, I know the answer. ;) 

It might be another year before I update again... but just know that soon, very soon... we will be a family of 6!